It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Although we decorated our tree on the 1st of December (a family tradition), with Christmas only being 6 days away I thought I’d give a look at our decorations this year as a bit of last minute inspiration.

This wreath was made by Mum, inspired by this  wreath that we found on Pinterest. She brought a plain wreath, and then decorated it with battery-powered fairy lights, a miniature baking tin, cupcake baubles, cookie cutters and tartan ribbon. It was relatively simple to do, and you could personalise a wreath with absolutely anything to suit your interests.


Decorating the tree is our absolute favourite part of the Christmas preparations, and this year it was difficult to wait until December! It was made slightly more difficult by a certain Border Terrier puppy trying to eat decorations (and since we put up the tree she has decapitated a polar bear and destroyed some pom poms), but it’s a real family tradition. This year we planned a white and red colour-scheme, with just a hint of tartan, the pop of red partly inspired by the bus and telephone box at Mum and Rob’s wedding. Since we are an incredibly Christmassy household, we also have another tree- but that is decorated more simply with some fairy-lights.


This was one of the new additions to the tree, and every year we have a tradition of buying a new decoration (although it was more like six new decorations this year). We always love adding a personal touch to the tree, and this car decoration (from Tesco, surprisingly!) was one of our favourites.

Christmas 10.JPG

 We also combine our new decorations with older ones, and we brought this beautiful vintage pocket watch from John Lewis last year. In amongst our boxes of decorations we also have many far older ones, combining ones from when I was young with ones that we’ve brought as a family this year. We even have a miniature glitter frame with one of the wedding pictures as a more recent addition.


Thanks for reading!



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