Inside Vogue: Review


This Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Inside Vogue: A Diary of My 100th Year by Alexandra Shulman. I was immediately interested as to what the book might contain, and after watching the documentary I assumed that it would be far more detailed, as well as a far more reliable portrayal of Vogue’s editor-in-chief and the world that she inhabits. It portrays a side to the fashion industry that not many have access to- and a far more relatable side to a woman whom many may assume to be some British iteration of Miranda Priestly, which is far from the truth. I love the little snippets of her real life, the constantly failing boiler amongst others, as well as her opinions (or sometimes lack thereof) on those controversial matters that so commonly appear via social media.

Schulman’s life is, at times, also full of exquisite fashion shows and holidays (I particularly enjoyed her account of the Dolce & Gabbana show), but the crucial thing to note is that this glamour is not all-encompassing. If anything, I was more interested in the opposite to this, all the struggles that accompany trying to put together a magazine which is completely and utterly idolised by so many, and the very understandable pressures of this. Anyone who assumes that fashion is an easy industry to work in is incredibly mistaken, and Schulman’s accounts are an obvious indicator of this. The financial side alone seems incredibly daunting; trying not to exceed budgets for shoots and managing to satisfy the needs of all the designers and celebrities, grappling with the unimaginable. But, being a lover of fashion, I can’t deny that I also enjoyed the details of the fashion on the runways, the sense of romance and escapism that so many fashion shows provide.

Whilst parts of this book may be disheartening to those with a more fantastical view of the fashion industry, who might assume that it’s all glamour and luxury, to a fashion marketing student like myself it’s an eye-opening account of the day-to-day expectations in one of the most rapidly evolving industries in the world.

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