My Favourite Things This Week: Floral Biker Jackets, Ballet and More

It’s admittedly been quite a while since I’ve posted anything (perfectly understandable when uni has been so chaotic!), but I thought I’d ease back into all of this with a short post about some of the things that have been inspiring me recently. Enjoy!

Kimberley Gordon

I’ve been a fan of Kimberley Gordon (visit her website) for quite some time. She was co-founder and creative director at WildFox, and since leaving has continued to produce incredibly dreamy photo shoots and editorials. I’m an avid follower of everything she does, and it’s really refreshing to see someone in the fashion industry who actively hires a diverse range of models.


I’m not much of a dancer, but I’ve always been a huge fan of costume design (to the extent that I almost wanted to do it myself) but recently I’ve been really inspired by the costumes used for ballet performances- particularly fairy tale ones like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. The richness of the colours, fabrics and embellishments are just beautiful!


One trend that I’ve been particularly inspired by as of late is painted leather jackets. From Alexander McQueen to Elie Saab to Gucci, I’ve seen them everywhere and I love them. I’ve considered making my own in fact, although for now I plan to continue admiring all the designer versions that have been present on the runways these past few seasons. This trend is just as prevalent on the high street too, so take  a  look and see for yourself if you want a piece of it yourself. And, if leather isn’t your thing, there are also a variety of denim jackets that are just as pretty!



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